Professional Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

This Professional Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit will assist you if you ever get lost in the wilderness. Great gift idea for those that frequently go on adventure trips.

Are you feel helpless when you are in wild adventure?
Are you feel hopeless when you are in danger condition?
Everyone can get into an unexpected emergency situation. either in the forest or trapped in your vehicle . The 11 in 1 survival tools will be a necessary tools for emergencies and wild adventure.

Upgrade – More Safety and Practical:

Temperature Compass let you know the around environment and do a quick response to enhance your survival probability in an emergency.

Saber Card has the most functions of the saber card and can use as a knife and saw blade, can/bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler etc. With a protective case, can hide the sharp part for safety.The saber card knife can be partly fixed into the case as the handle of the knife

Flashlight has 3 modes, common light mode, Stretch mode and SOS mode can help send SOS light message. The lighting range can be adjusted

Tactical Pen ,the handle screw design, grasp the more strong,can rotate telescopic hidden cartridge, the operation is simple, convenient and practical ,can be used as defense self-defense, handwriting signatureas ,as Safety Hammer help quickly broken a car or train glass in an emergency

Fire Starter, with protective layer need peel off before use, 5000-12000 times life, with Flint /Bottle Opener/Scraper. Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition

Professional Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit
Professional Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit

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