The World’s Loudest Whistle

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<br><b>Worlds's Loudest Whistle<br><br> SPL up to 142dB 8x louder than a common whistle<br><br> 2 mile usable range <br><br> Anti-microbial composite, all-weather construction <br><br> Unique radial tri-frequency design <br><br> Naturally Buoyant <br><br> Works in all weather environments, including underwater<br><br> Patented Design US8925478</b>

This whistle packs a awesome 142dB which can be heard for over 2 miles – 8x the range of a normal sports whistle! Ideal for camping and hiking and sporting events!

The World’s Loudest Whistle
The World’s Loudest Whistle
$15.95 $19.95

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