Star Wars Lightsaber Light up LED Chopsticks

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<p><strong>About these unique lightsaber light up chopsticks:</strong></p> <p>The design was inspired by the light sabers as seen in Star Wars. These chopsticks are BPA FREE and SAFE FOR EATING. It comes with a set of new batteries and is ready-to-use. Of course, you can use these 'glowing' chopsticks for whatever purpose you'd like (we don't judge), these neat little chopsticks are especially useful for eating in the dark, while your all cozied up watching your favorite movie or TV show. </p> <p>Didn’t your mom tell you not to play around with your food? … well nobody said anything about playing with your chopsticks. These LED Chopsticks are perfect for anyone wanting to have some fun during mealtime, for Star Wars fans to geek out on, or to simply “light up” and brighten your parties!</p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Upgraded design for 2018, now features:</strong></p> <p>✔ Fully removable battery compartment - For safe and easy washing. </p> <p>✔ Slide-open battery compartment - No more screwdriver or any other tools required! You can now change to a new set of...</p>

EAT IN THE DARK with these brightly lit reusable chopsticks while enjoying your favorite movie or TV show in your dark and cozy room. PERFECT FOR OCCASIONS such as lunch/dinner parties, fun dates, picnics, night time snack, and much more.

Star Wars Lightsaber Light up LED Chopsticks
Star Wars Lightsaber Light up LED Chopsticks
$21.97 $23.97

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