5-Setting LED Shower-Head Gadget

With the 5-Setting LED Shower-Head you can make showering at night more exciting as the the Color of LED lights changes automatically according to water temperature.

Thanks to technology, taking a shower has become more exciting, courtesy of All-Chrome Water Temperature Color-Changing LED Shower Head by DreamSpa!

Now you can enjoy luxurious LED showerhead for pampering spa experience! Vibrant LED lights change color with water temperature turning ordinary showers into invigorating fun for your entire family.

Innovative LED Shower Head Design: Unlike other LED showers with unattractive clear plastic face, our unique design features extra-large 5-inch high-polish chrome face with reflective rim and transparent jets that transmit water and light at the same time. This gives our LED shower head its distinctive showroom look. Plus, it has five luxurious settings while most LED showers have one.

5-Setting LED Shower-Head Gadget
5-Setting LED Shower-Head Gadget

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