Womens Unicorn Light Up Slippers

Why ride around on the back of a unicorn, when you can walk around inside of two unicorns? Wait, that sounds gross. We promise, it's not. Not with these soft, fluffy unicorns right here. Their insides are squishy, but in a nice, plush slipper way - not in a weird way. Look, maybe we got off on the wrong foot here. No, wait, that's impossible! You can't get off on the wrong foot when your foot is inside a unicorn! Two soft, fluffy white unicorns to slip your feet into, with gold foil horns and rainbow manes, tails, and... lights! Rather than rosy pink cheeks, this dynamic duo of foot holders both has rainbow LED light-up cheeks that will light your way, wherever you're headed. Probably to the kitchen, right? These are slippers, after all!

If home is your favorite place to be, binge watching is your favorite hobby, and you love all the enchanted creatures, these slippers will create a magic in your life like no other. Every step triggers a light-up sparkle from inside; shiny details and cute expressions make them true BFFs (Best Fluffy Friends).

Wipe clean [material] with removable battery packs. One size fits women’s shoe sizes 5-12; 13″ L. Choose Narwhal or Unicorn. Made out of cotton/polyester/LED lights. Batteries included- that should last 4-6 months.

Womens Unicorn Light Up Slippers
Womens Unicorn Light Up Slippers

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