20pc Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set for Men


Whether you’re a backyard chef, griller-on-the-go, or just digging in, find here the grill tools and accessories made specially for you.

4-in-1 spatula – it is not just for turning over food, but also for opening your beverage with an integrated bottle opener, it also has a cutting side and a tenderizer side.

Barbecue tongs – the tongs have grip teeth and are strong to flip or turn your meat, your ribs and any other grilling items.

Silicone basting brush – the bristles are soft and spreads sauces on smoothly. Easy to clean and the handle is nice length on the grill.

Heavy-duty barbecue fork – sturdy, pointy, and the handle is nice touched, you can also use it indoors occasionally with the stovetop cooking.

4 kabob skewers – you can cook your kabobs on very hot fires and get that crusty exterior that makes em taste great. These skewers are flat and can be turned with tongs or even pliers.

Salt&pepper shaker – sprinkle a little salt, or sprinkle a little powdered hot chili pepper, or any fine spice on your barbecue creations with the two stainless steel dispensers.

Grill cleaning brush – small size to be perfect for packing to go and camping trips. Simple and effective at removing burnt items from the grill grate.

Aluminum storage case – each tool in this set comes in very nice case that makes this case easy for carrying and storing!

8 corn holders – our corn holders make of heavy duty stainless steel construction with two-prong.

20pc Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set for Men
20pc Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set for Men

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